Who is the real boss of NCP? We are going to discuss this further


Hello, welcome to ABP News with you I am Akhilesh Anand. Who is the real boss of NCP? We are going to discuss this further, but first let us tell you the big news of now, on July 18 the big meeting of NDA will be held at Hotel Ashoka in Delhi and news is coming that Sukhbir Badal can also attend it. Chirag Paswan will come to the meeting, TDP leaders may also reach, some may attend the new party meeting.
Apart from BJP, they have been running separately for a long time. Sukhbir Badal from Akali Dal, Chirag Paswan of LJP can attend the TDP meeting, so let us tell you the big news that BJP is trying to strengthen the clan once again, Neeraj Pandey joined us on our colleague's phone line. Is. BJP has started trying to strengthen Neeraj i.e. NDA.
Yes, of course, the Bharatiya Janata Party is engaged in strengthening the NDA and that is why the NDA meeting was held on 18th July. usually.
NDA meeting is held before every Parliament session, but this time also the NDA meeting is important because this time he is running out of NDA for a long time. Chirag Paswan will attend the meeting and I have information. According to him, Chirag Paswan has given his consent for the same. Continuous talks are also being held with Sukhbir Badal and he has also given his consent in Sukhbir Badal. According to my information, apart from Sudhir Pagal Bhaiya Sudhir Badal, someone from his party can attend this meeting.
It can come to me in a way that before the Lok Sabha elections, the clan of NDA has increased. Continuous efforts to increase it are going on. Talks are on with some other parties. Infact talks are on with TDP as well. Some representative of TDP can also attend this meeting. As of now, no name has come from the BJP as to who will attend the meeting. But from what I know, the list that is being prepared
G Badal has potential for both.
Let's thank Neeraj ji for the information, keep an eye on the news. As soon as there is some update, we will reach the audience further.
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