Whenever there was violence in the Panchayat elections in West Bengal, the ruling party directly benefited from it


There is one more factor. Whenever there was violence in the Panchayat elections in West Bengal, the ruling party directly benefited from it. TMC got the direct benefit of violence in the 2013 and 2018 panchayat elections. In such a situation, the question is also why the violence was fixed? Questions on the violence also arose because 1,35,000 personnel of state and central forces were stationed in Bengal. Despite the deployment of so many forces, how will Bengal go?
Murshidabad's Domkal became a battleground when TMC and Congress workers clashed with each other. There was a lot of firing in Domkal and Raipur.
Where were the booths looted in Murshidabad? Murshidabad was a dreadful scene its pulse ABP News Reporter
It is a habit of many people that they should not be given a phone, that's why the name of the people is being removed from the milk.
Look at all my interior areas, especially in the rural areas, and on the other hand, it is raining and on the other hand, voters are being brought under the supervision of the police at this time. Sports Six, Murshidabad.
Congress and TMC workers clashed with each other in Ullapur of Danga Para. Bullets were fired, blood was shed without measure.
For the votes in the Spots South 24 Parganas Bengal Panchayat elections, the land and the 24 Parganas were also stained with blood. In Basanti of South 24 Parganas, there were bomb blasts during voting, in which even a TMC worker died. Bombs and even empty bullet shells were found at various places in 24 Parganas. The system has also lost its senses due to the bloodshed of Bengal.
There was a ruckus for the cut board even in Veer Bhoomi where there was a bloody clash between the Congress workers at the polling booth, in which many people got serious injuries.
The bloody condition was more or less the same in Midnapore as it was in other parts of Bengal. Here too there was a lot of uproar for votes. Booths were looted, there was a lot of uproar.
Why did Bengal burn, because of whom did it burn? Home Minister Amit Shah has asked for a complete report on this. On the other hand, the attitude of politics on the burning Bengal is harsh. Bomb culture of Bengal?
Even running away by picking up the ballot box, breaking someone's head, 12 murders have happened so far.
Was this what Mamta Banerjee wanted to grab power over someone's dead body?
Making your heads in panchayats on dead bodies of people.
If democracy is being murdered somewhere and the bomb culture of Bengal is being seen by the world, then it is being seen in Mamta Banerjee's state. This situation across the state in general in particular Murshidabad, I can say very tax style.
Mamta ji and her brother and nephew have been completely finished, we are not the ones to leave.
 The reason for Bengal's departure is being asked. There is also a target regarding election violence, but Mamta Banerjee is silent on the whole matter.
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