whatever is going on in Bengal-There are about 60 to 65 booths for this election in Bengal.


I have several guests joining me here in studio. First of all, Anil ji, I will turn to you only. The officials are saying this with a claim, but the blame falls on you too.
Meri sabko Ram, Ram aur jis like we are seeing in West Bengal a murders violence i.e. a murderous violence is going on. Recently, we have seen that in the panchayat elections that are going on, 16 people have died so far. Now you will say 16 people were from BJP, those from TMC, those from Congress. Oh brother, she has lost her life. Who is the Chief Minister? The Chief Minister is Mamta Banerjee. Mahua Mitra has taped her face, where is Direct Sahab hiding?
Those whose youth used to burn for such a long time, it is the responsibility of the government. Ever since Mamta Banerjee became the Chief Minister, the continuous violence in West Bengal is the responsibility of the government. Manav Jaiswal is seen here at this moment. He is joining us. Manav ji Lal Lal Bengal from TMC is visible in full blood at this time. Whose responsibility is not ready to take responsibility.
First of all, my greetings to everyone, whatever is going on in Bengal. This need character you're talking about, you should know, has 60,000 bots. There are about 60 to 65 booths for this election in Bengal. Where it
There is a mess. I want to tell you 17 people have become our martyrs. It is sad and the manner in which the mirror has been called in the center and which is giving strength to BJP and CPM. This is to create atmosphere in this way and Subhendu Adhikari who says that 20,000 looted, all this has happened, he knows that he was not going to win and in this way he has told those people with his mouth to pour water Put the C.I.
So all this belongs to those people.
There is a conspiracy, listen, hello.
Who will be responsible for Bengal?
Why don't you guys want to? As soon as the elections come, does everyone bleed there?

Were. The Collection Commission is doing its work. The way in which those people have called, they have actually sent goons in uniform. BJP got its cadres.
Today, the way BJP is doing blood character. Taking the face of CPM, it is the same CPM which has given color character for 34 years, so many people, lakhs of our people have been killed. In those 34 years, after a lot of struggle, a Mamta Banerjee was born.
Ganga is definitely dark inside, you are saying that goons in uniform have brought it here. I mean what are you?
When Didi brought Bengal out of 34 years of darkness, she said, we do not want change, we want change.
And tell anything other than that. OK, you with me a minute.
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