The situation has worsened due to rain in Dera Basti of Punjab.


The situation has worsened due to rain in Dera Basti of Punjab. There is tremendous water logging in the residential area. The water filled in the colony has entered inside the house. We are showing you the pictures of the same, how water has entered inside the house, how the boat is plying inside the colony, how the vehicles have drowned? These are the pictures and the report of our correspondent Rohit Bansal from there. See.
You are watching ABP news and at present I am in Derabassi, Punjab. Here in Gulmore Society, there has been complete waterlogging. All the vehicles inside the society have been submerged under water. The electricity grid that you will be seeing in front is that too of Puri. The entire transformer has gone under water and on this side you will see how the NDRF team is helping the people. In what way the work of helping people is being done, if someone wants to go out of the society or any member of the society
Wants to come inside where any person of the society needs any goods, someone needs milk, someone needs something else, then the team for that is helping till inside. The NDRF team inside the Gulmor Society is being carried out by the middle patriots and all the vehicles have been submerged in water. The entire area has been submerged in water. You must have seen in foreign countries that in many places people live above, on which there is a market above, but on the other hand, below you can see a river, below you
An area of ​​water is visible, but if you look at this time, the whole area is submerged under water. The entire area is under water and in front you will see people who are being helped, the NDRF team is trying to help them. those who are
He is bringing you even here. Whether it is the work of evacuating people, the work of delivering goods to the people, be it milk or some other ration, the NDRF team is currently doing the work of delivering the goods to the people and how. The situation is visible that the rain that was coming in Punjab for the last 3 days and the effect of the same rain is that the waterlogging in this area is visible and at this time we are going to cover this entire area by riding in a kayak.
are walking. They are visiting this entire area to see how the people can be helped and if you see in front of you, you will see that the NDRF team is working to evacuate those people. It is doing what the NDRF team is doing, which is doing the work of taking a person out if a person has to go out, if there is an emergency, and through the team you can see in what way the people are the job of rescuing them the job of getting them out
He himself had to come and if you look at the pictures in this way, then you will see the pictures behind that in which way the whole area is.
In the whole area, you will see in what way it was done. In what way the vehicles are submerged under the water, which are completely about 15 feet high pillars and out of these, the water which is more than seven feet is completely filled and you will see the pictures of the vehicles. So you will see that the water inside the vehicles has gone at this time. The water in the whole area till the inside of the vehicles is at this time
You must be seeing the picture inside the vehicles that how the whole area is filled with water, the whole area is filled with water and it looks like You can see a flat inside a river. You can see some society inside the river. Some such conditions are visible in this area and you will see that all the wires, which are electric wires, have remained almost three to four feet high because the bottom is completely filled with water and you will see in the rest of the area.
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