Russia and Ukraine both these countries are also facing the weather.


You know that there is a war going on between Russia and Ukraine, but at this time both these countries are also facing the weather.
Many such videos in the last 16 months. Oh? There were many such scenes when gunpowder rained in both Russia and Ukraine due to the war. Don't ask about the condition of Delhi and Moscow, the daily capital, when Putin felt like it, he shook Kiev.
The world made a distinction between the war between Russia and Ukraine. There were differences on who is the attacker and who is the victim, but when the fury of nature broke out, all the differences were erased. The rains and floods started the same with Moscow as after the blood talk with which both these countries have now become victims of the flood talk.
Death's appearance worsened in 5 hours of rain. Roads became ponds and vehicles started drowning. Some people wanted to have fun, so they went out on the road. Meanwhile, there was such a loud lightning that everyone's heart skipped a beat.
The southwestern part of China has been inundated with torrential rains, the situation has gone out of control. See this video of China viral in social media, Sir, you have put reverse in these vehicles, everything is flowing in the opposite direction. The fear meter is high among the people.
Two weeks of monsoon rains have so far claimed 55 lives in Pakistan, including eight children. The flood attack has worsened the situation in Pakistan, which is suffering from poverty and pauperism. The maximum damage has been done in Eastern Punjab. At present, about 40 percent of the population of Lahore is living without electricity.
As soon as the clock strikes at 2.30 pm, Babita ji's heart, mother-in-law's daughter-in-law's plot becomes intense and her daughter-in-law becomes tense at the office for the whole day, when she does her favorite show on free time and like her, you also watch your favorite show on your own. On time


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