rains in India are wreaking havoc in the hilly areas.


Let us tell you the big news that the rains in India are wreaking havoc in the hilly areas. The Tanakpur Tawaghat National Highway in Dharchula, Uttarakhand has been closed due to debris. The road has been closed due to debris coming on the road from the mountain and due to which many vehicles are stuck on the highway, so in what way is the rain wreaking havoc? You are seeing these pictures of Uttarakhand in front of you. You see how debris fell on the road due to which we have seen the movement of people in the mountains during the monsoon season. this kind of
Even before this, you are seeing how this landslide happened in the exclusive pictures.
After incessant rains, this land slide and National Highway closed Tanakpur Tawaghat National Highway. Due to this landslide and besides this, roads have been closed at many places. Uttarakhand.
Just look at the way in which the big boulders are visible after the rains of the monsoon. The way they are falling on the road. Fortunately, people stopped and we are watching the pictures from the camera of those who are making videos on the side. No one came in its JD because the debris boulder is falling with this speed. This road is Tanpurtar National Highway all the way. Restored due to boulders and debris, it is said to be closed. Many vehicles are in queue on both sides. Lined up.
Movement will be possible only when it is cleared. Clearing will not be that easy. Just look at the size of the boulder. Debris has fallen in this way, not so lightly. Balba is not so little, big stones and boulders which are said to have fallen on the road in this way at this time.
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