Rahul Gandhi's petition has been rejected in the Gujarat High Court.


All the news Rahul Gandhi got a big blow even from the Gujarat High Court Rahul Gandhi's petition has been rejected in the Gujarat High Court. This is the big news of this time. Rahul Gandhi has suffered a major setback in the defamation case. Means the manner in which Rahul Gandhi's petition was rejected in the Surat Sessions Court. In the same way, in the Gujarat High Court also, Rahul Gandhi's petition is dismissed and he takes a straight stand. Ankit Gupta is with us. What is the update Ankit?
This is absolutely a big blow for Rahul Gandhi because in the order of the court it was clearly said that you are who you are.
is representative. This does not mean that they will defame you in any way and will create the basis that if you are not given relief, then you will not be able to contest the election for the post of public representative or else you will not serve. We will be able to do this and apart from that, we have done another case regarding which Rahul Gandhi had given a statement and in that case also a case of defamation has been filed. So the court clearly said that he has a history of making such statements and in such a situation, the order of the lower court was completely correct and it was for Rahul Gandhi.
It's a huge blow.
The big news of this time is a big blow to Rahul Gandhi from Gujarat High Court, Gujarat High Court has rejected Rahul Gandhi's petition. Means Ankit Gupta who is disqualified from Parliament, Rahul Gandhi's disqualification will remain intact as well as further 6 years and Rahul Gandhi can't contest election in current situation because legal provision is same as Ankit.
There is a legal provision because there is a punishment of 2 years, but in that year, I am 6 years old, and in that year, there is a ban in a way, and the purpose of Rahul Gandhi's car to reach here is to reach the upper court. Was that the stay on connection that he has been convicted of should be stayed because he is not in jail because of the stay on his sentence. But it means that they had come to stop what was convicted. But the High Court has also rejected his petition. But the arguments given by Rahul Gandhi whose lawyer Abhishek Mannu Singhvi gave the arguments
Apart from that, in what manner has Rahul Gandhi been giving statements continuously? Defamation cases kept being filed against him. Court has also taken cognizance of that and it is not the first case that such a thing has happened. Apart from this there is also. Therefore, on the basis that he has to contest elections from the public, this cannot be a basis. The petition is being dismissed.
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