Pictures of continuous violence are coming in West Bengal. Especially after the panchayat elections.


Pictures of continuous violence are coming in West Bengal. Especially after the panchayat elections. Bengal minister and TMC leader Firhad Hakim sahab is with us to talk about this. Are you also looking at the pictures of violence?
saying. He doesn't want violence.No one wants this violence.Because which party one belongs to is not a big deal.Some mother's lap is getting empty.No one wants this.But alas, this culture of village elections.
This was seen by CPM.The politics of violence started from the time of CPM.Will not let you do it.So much in every village.There will be rivalry that we will not see this or the other. No one can be except us. This politics of coercion, politics is a cultural adoption from DCP.
M so my 10 years.From you I know I know a lot in 10 years from 83 today.Less or less has happened, but we could not stop the culture of violence completely, saying that we did not wipe out the culture.
Many people who used to commit violence at that time are still committing violence today. You see If we support If they come after seeing the police, then not a single TMC would have died.
Today mostly you will see complete violence, so more than 50% or more than 6070% which is the death of TMC worker?So this culture which is today that CPM should be more strong means that a little bit has come.And many who are from CPM went to BJP.This CPM BJP's continuous enthusiasm of violence.
This work is happening today.JP is saying that the ruling party is watching the Election Commission work like Paro of TMC.Is the ruling party doing it or how many people work in it? How many people work in your Election Commission?Or how much is the police force?
He said this in the High Court that we wanted the Central Force, so it has agreed. Where exactly, there is a central force, where was that central force?Why didn't Educate Central Force come?And what did he do even after coming?In our death that happened yesterday, most of the TMC workers except three or four died, why would this happen?Why would any mother's lap be empty?
This violence is to stop the attacks.And for this.Let the public come forward together.Vote is getting stamped, ragging is happening, booth capturing is happening. There will be allegations of administration on TMC.Neither did TMC.
At some places, you people said TMC but showed your strength, which is killing the votes printed in CPA.So this culture of printed vote has also come from Hua.We should go to every village and change this culture. This rivalry culture has to be changed and you see today Bam Goli.
Where is this coming from? One may come from across the border or else it may come from the factory. This bomb is not available in the shop, the spice used for the bomb is not available in the shop, so where is it coming from?
MC workers themselves die while making bombs.Where does justice come from, where does it come from?So this too is on Dada's administration only.Will it not happen or not, if the masala comes out from the gun factory on CISF, then it goes on CISF. Amit Shah ji's department goes above.
If he comes from Bangladesh border or goes to BSF, then Amit Shah ji will not succeed by making empty allegations, then everyone will have to try together, will only abuse someone, will not it?
BSF has said that they were not aware at this time. A lot of information was not given about the sensitive booth and the murder or the incidents.
Coordination is BS, everything has been discussed together, it is not ours, the administration which had given the order of the High Court will have to coordinate one by one, in that the coordinator was probably from BSF.Was the commander.
So it is not so. No one knows anything about this. But the thing is, no one is doing anything to defame Bengal to defame this TMC, this is the real thing.
Is. What is the real thing? But not the public and everyone has seen these pictures of violence, which is painful. camerapersons Landed is another thing.Definitely the death that happened is a very sad incident.But this is not the case, the whole of Bengal is full of gunpowder.Today.Even in 1% of the booths there was a lot of fun.
60 in Boots.Incidents took place in 60 booths of Chhota Bada Mill. I happened in 60 area, but 3600.80 to 85 area.When elections are held in the whole country, there is no such person like Bengal.comes from Let me speak again and again. This is the culture of CM CPM. This culture has been adopted. In many places.
We have not been able to fix what we have so far. Abhishek has run a lot.It has been said that the peaceful election worker went in the middle of the peaceful election and said. We also went to villages and held meetings and said but.
We were able to fix it to a great extent but could not fix it completely.So it remains to be corrected. Kolkata ABP News with Cameraperson Suraj Pandey.


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