It cannot happen in the history of Bengal that there should be elections in Bengal and there should be no bloodshed.


It cannot happen in the history of Bengal that there should be elections in Bengal and there should be no bloodshed. Mamta Banerjee knows very well that the one who wins the Panchayat elections, Ranbir of the Lok Sabha wins. And did Bengal become red with blood for political revenge? Boot and booth and belt littered then see the picture we are showing you Bombs, gunpowder and ruckus Panchayat elections in West Bengal witnessed terrible violence. So far 13 people have died in election violence. 13 people have lost their lives. in Murshidabad
There was maximum ruckus, five people died here, ballot boxes were looted in many areas, these pictures of looting openly came to the fore. There have also been allegations of forced voting in the polling station. So that means whatever you can think of, everything has happened. Violence has also been witnessed in some Bihar, East Vardhman 24. Union Home Minister Amit Shah has asked for a report on the violence on the day of voting and in view of this whole picture. Bullets rang out amid voting in panchayat elections in entire Bengal
How did you bleed? Due to this, we would have explained to you through the report of the orgy that took place in Bengal in 24 hours.
Democracy, the mark of a bloody republic, gunpowder raining calculations, red with blood, these are the disturbing tales of Bengal. How did Bengal run in the panchayat elections, because of this, where and how many bullets were fired?
Where did this go, how many dead bodies were laid, let us analyze today's blood-soaked Bengal, before that Bengal is burning in the ammo belt, the heart of politics is torn apart, 10 heart-wrenching stories, understand from the coming pictures, in 24 hours for the vote in Bengal How much blood was shed, how democracy was torn to shreds in Bengal, the account of the blood shed for votes is in every picture. Someone is looting booths.
Some were capturing, some were challenging democracy with a republic, some were firing bullets, some were throwing sticks, some were selling shoes for votes, when all this was happening, when votes were the food of Bengal. Rivers of blood were flowing on the way, then sister was silent, sister, what kind of republic is this under your rule? There were 13 political murders in the last 24 hours. City-to-city violence broke out, ballot boxes were looted.
After the announcement of Panchayat elections, 32 people were killed in Bengal. Where did Bengal become such a stronghold of rebellion during voting, where democracy was torn to shreds. Understand each of its bloody sports in a sequential manner.
Bleeding for votes Bengal Sport, a Barrackpore North 24 Parganas.
Manjar Kaleja Cup is about to come. The person has a pistol in his hands, some people are pelting bricks and stones. The gunman is threatening the independent candidate. There is chaos everywhere. The place is Barrackpur in North 24 Parganas of Bengal where this gunman was openly seen threatening the independent candidate.
Sport to Cooch Behar Bengal Panchayat elections became the hottest of the ruckus Bullets were fired from bumpers in Sibeshwar village of Cooch Behar Dinhata, booth was looted. There was a ruckus in Coochbehar's Sitaai, but at the booth set up in the son's primary school, miscreants created an orgy. Vandalized, booths looted, even ballot boxes were smashed.
Sport, Mathabhanga, Cooch Behar Another picture challenging democracy came from Mathabhanga in Bihar, here a man was caught on camera running away.
Sport, four Malda Bengal ballots and the crazy picture of booth looting also came from Malda. The miscreants from Mehandipur area ran away with the daughters from the polling station. Such a heart-pleasing picture, the fruits of Malda's English Bazar also came from Badiya. Here the Fulbariya Gram Panchayat became a battleground. There was a bloody clash between Congress and TMC workers in Nagariya village. There was bombardment, till the bullets were fired.
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