He means to say that Mamata Didi is a miscreant who does not know how to win in Bengal


So a question came to my mind from Adhir Ranjan Chowdhary, Deepak ji, you will answer, you people beat the drum of opposition unity, you people keep your secrets open, no, it is not a matter of opening your secrets. He means to say that Mamata Didi is a miscreant who does not know how to win in Bengal, on whom you are taking action, so much so that no one is entitled to be a responsible citizen, she is a Member of Parliament and a Member of Parliament from Bengal. Are. I will talk because what is BJP, Sir Su MC has said no one else's name. What did he say, now you have seen, heard what I am saying now, heard what I am saying now?
Now listen, I have told you and the country also these things, what does BJP do for BJP, Hindus and you listen to the question, you will raise questions on BJP, I will give you a chance, first of all I am saying that such opposition will not show unity. You people see, as far as opposition unity is concerned, there will be meeting after meeting, there will be opposition unity. Issues are being talked about, there is no matter of personal interest. If that Adhir Ranjan ji is talking for the interest of Bengal, then it is okay, he should be welcomed. But when we talk about the national interest, then all the parties together will talk in a different way. There is no selfishness here. public
The matter of public interest becomes different. Second thing, listen to me, give 10 seconds. What is BJP? Riots and winning riots are riots for BJP, it works like a laboratory where BJP wants to create riots wherever it wants to increase its existence. For them, BJP is a laboratory for Hindutva and for elections. First take the answer, you are also saying the same thing and the TMC here is also saying the same thing. Anil ji, we have now seen that the question you are asking Congress, their condition used to be the same. reached japan
Absolutely you didn't answer in Manipur, you reached Manipur to take birth, when you don't listen for 10 seconds and what is this most shameful thing for the country? American American Ambassador is telling the Prime Minister of India that I will help you, if you want then stay here, please.
Listen, listen, see for a minute, Adhir Ranjan Chowdhary ji had told him on that day also that the meeting was being held here, that TMC is a thief, that is, the leader of thieves and whatever the president is, he is with the president. Don't interrupt. It is said that you people are not here, please, I have to go to Gautam ji soon, now here Shukla ji said that whatever is happening among themselves is visible there. TMC is coming to the fore.
Congress is coming in front of Congress. The lift is coming in front, even Rabi is not visible, one second, one second, lift your head to another number, what is happening in Bengal, no, no, no, 2000 in 2018, no, just one second, the results of 2018, everywhere Indian people Party jo hai woh was visible after the team, so is there any challenge in front of TMC? Yes, it is okay Gautam, please tell me for a minute, it is correct that what I had said in the beginning itself. This history would have been elections in Bengal
So what is going on, I am feeling that the political party is not serious because during the election another election will come, the next election will come, then you will see what has to happen. But this time I said that there is a difference from the last election because this time maximum number of nominations were filed which was 34% in the last election. This time 12% quickly, now Premji also answers this Premji, then what is the solution? If this happens every time then it doesn't mean it's final.
Look, we have to go towards the solution and you have also seen the figures that you were showing that the incidents of violence have decreased. Now there used to be 28% proportion. The violence in the country has come down to 6% in Bengal today, so the situation is already better and Ladida is also right in saying that this time the number of opposition candidates is also comparatively better, but still the violence that has taken place inflicts pain. As soon as the clock strikes half past two, Babita ji's heart turns to mother-in-law and daughter-in-law for conspiracy.
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