Have to talk with us Union Minister Anurag Thakur ji


Have to talk with us Union Minister Anurag Thakur ji, Anurag ji, the way violence was seen in the panchayat elections in Bengal. Do you think that the law and order situation in the state has deteriorated?
Bomb culture of Bengal.
Got to see in the election.
Even running away by picking up the ballot box, breaking someone's head, 12 murders have happened so far.
Was this what Mamata Banerjee wanted?
Grabbing power over someone's corpse.
Making your heads in panchayats on dead bodies of people.
If democracy is being murdered somewhere and the bomb culture of Bengal is being seen by the world.
So it is being seen in Mamta Banerjee's rule where the law and order situation has gone haywire and it seems as if it is being blown up under the instigation of the government. Murders are also being done and polling booths are also being looted. What is the use of such power which is being obtained by killing someone?
This was often seen. Whenever elections come, be it Lok Sabha elections, Vidhansabha elections, Panchayat elections, such incidents start happening. 12 people died, but till now no big statement has come from the government.
This is what you will see in Bengal.
To silence people, bomb blasts are done, bullets are fired, murders are done and the government also remains silent on this.
Because everything is happening under the supervision of the government. Mamta ji, I did not have even an iota of affection left.
That's why this bomb culture of Bengal is being seen.
Is. Is there any planning to conduct any interview from the center also?
See, if Lataad appoints you High Court, Appoints Supreme Court, Appoints Governor but you are not one with shamelessness, incidents of violence keep increasing again and again in every election. If people's lives are taken, then such a democracy will be given to Mamta ji.
What do you see as the solution? What is the solution?
Can you tell me what is the solution?
Can you take power by killing someone?
What kind of politics is this?
If you don't have any of your achievements, you put your stamp on the schemes of the central government and get your photo affixed.
The work of making Bengal backward is going on continuously and the bomb culture of Bengal is being seen to grab power in the elections.
 There was Anurag Thakur sir who has clearly gone. Mamata Banerjee is resorting to bomb culture to grab power Kya Naam Neeraj Pandey Delhi with Manoj Tripathi.


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