due to the rains in July, the situation is bad in different states of India


So, due to the rains in July, the situation is bad in different states of India, but the neighboring countries China and Pakistan are also going through difficult times. Surprising pictures of the flood of devastation have come to the fore from different parts of China, such havoc has been seen in front of which life seems helpless. Houses are crumbling like a house of cards. Vehicles are seen floating in the flood like toys.
Dragon These days troubled by the havoc of nature, these days the weather is wreaking havoc on China. Many areas of China are in the grip of floods due to heavy rains.
These pictures are testifying that how the torrential rains have increased the troubles of the people of China.
Heavy rains have caused flooding in mountainous areas of southwest China.
See how nature's havoc has broken that life has become busy.
These pictures of the horrific times in the mountainous regions of China belong to them. Now where people are mourning after the torrential rains.
See how this house got drowned in the river in no time. Due to the erosion caused by the flood water, this mastery got destroyed in a short time.
Who let go
Now just look at these vehicles drifting like toys. The flood made its own way and when it came out on the roads, the vehicles were seen with it like toys.
Not only the cars but also the trucks got washed away in the water this time. People cannot do anything other than standing and watching this dreadful scene.
Because this is the havoc of nature, before which there is no example of humans.
See how the tiger has disrupted life. The goods kept in the houses have been ruined since the floods hit. The crisis of two times bread has arisen in front of the people. Debris has entered houses and hotels. People themselves were seen engaged in the work of removing the debris.
Take a look at these pictures taken with the help of DONT and try to understand how the sky storm has wreaked havoc in China.
It is being told that the floods caused by torrential rains in the mountainous areas of southwest China took away the lives of about 15 people, while thousands of people have been evacuated from this devastating flood and taken to safe places. Areas with a population of more than 3,00,00,000 are most affected by floods.
The flood is flowing on the road in such a way as if the river has made its way towards this residential area.
Here a large-scale rescue operation was carried out to save the people trapped in the flood. Look at these pictures how efforts are being made to save people from flood through boat.
People were seen struggling with the floods with the help of tubes.
Landslides have closed the roads in the hilly areas, the help of JCB is being taken to open them. Know how life is affected by the flood situation in China and how relief is being provided.
Torrential rains have worsened the worst in southwest China. Chongqing of the district is the most affected where 15 people have died due to floods while some people are said to be missing. At the same time, looking at the situation, rescue teams are engaged in rescuing people from the boat. Debris is being cleared from the roads. 85,000 people from Sichuan have been evacuated to safer places.
Let us tell you that every year due to seasonal rains, outbreaks of floods are seen in large parts of China. The southern region of China is prone to floods. But this time in the last 50 years, the havoc of severe floods is being seen in the northern region of China.
In 2021, more than 300 people died of hair in Henan province. While China's deadliest and most devastating flood came in 1998 when more than 4000 people lost their lives.
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