At present, which names are being slotted for the Modi cabinet in Delhi? We are also going to tell you in detail who can enter Modi's cabinet.


See the things that senior journalists are pointing out. At present, which names are being slotted for the Modi cabinet in Delhi? We are also going to tell you in detail who can enter Modi's cabinet. Who can become a minister, this complete information is in front of you. Let's see who can become a minister. It is being said from the BJP side that there is a lot of speculation about Fadnavis going to Delhi. If Fadnavis comes to Delhi, he also has a chance of becoming a minister. The information about who is becoming a minister from Maharashtra is being told in front of you, Shinde is angry. Prataprao Jadhav to Bhavna Gawli
Might get a chance, going to be in the Union Cabinet. It has been 1 year with discussions in the name of whom from Maharashtra regarding this. Shinde faction has completed 1 year and Ajit Pawar, Praful Patel from NCP can become ministers. Information is coming out that Praful Patel can get a chance from NCP Ajit Pawar faction and Ajit Pawar faction from NCP only. You know that Praful Patel is now a Rajya Sabha MP. Discussion is going on from Maharashtra regarding these names. Also see you were made working president by Pawar the day before. Praful Patel also got this information
will you have Praful Patel, who has been the Civil Aviation Minister in the UPA government, is currently being discussed in full swing and at the same time, look at the matter of Maharashtra, in which the first round of the game of change may be in the name of Ajit Pawar. But within 24 hours there are signs of turning the game. We give you complete information about the politics of Maharashtra. In what way are they happening continuously. Pawar faction took action against Ajit camp and how did Ajit Pawar respond to them?
You will also show this but first of all we will show you that bite of Ajit Pawar in which he said that political game is the strongest add ons, it is being said that you see Shinde and Fadnavis together, Ajit has joined them. Is. Ajit has joined his government, has taken the oath of the post of Deputy CM and see how the uncle got separated, after the nephew gave the uncle, now he is continuously trying to understand the whole situation there. . Sharad Pawar
And you see, the date of the decision or the day when Ajit Pawar rebelled, there has been an uproar in the politics of Maharashtra since then. Shinde and see here you are seeing Shinde and Fadnavis together. Ajit Pawar has now joined the government with him, that is, NDA has joined the government and you can see Sharad Pawar sitting next to him, who is saying that what was done to him was wrong. Ajit Pawar has rebelled. Ajit Pawar
National President Sharad Laga National President Sharad Rao is engaged.
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