Anurag Thakur is saying that in Mamta neither Mamta is a child and you people want to grab power on the strength of dead bodies.


Because of Anurag Thakur's attack on TMC directly Manav Jaiswal, you will answer this. Anurag Thakur is saying that in Mamta neither Mamta is a child and you people want to grab power on the strength of dead bodies.
No, you know their language now, don't you? Leaders with bullets, this is going on all over the world. Shoot 1010 I need to learn from these. Mamta Banerjee is not Mamta just by name, she has maintained Mamta, made daughters, she is very tall, she will not do. Now I want to tell you another thing, understand the chronology, why is this happening? When CPM was defeated, it was so broken. Was dismayed that such public had ceased. But when the BJP came to power in Delhi and after coming to Delhi they
These people have been given energy, money, security from behind, while doing everything Ram Mang wala Jo Jo Jodi, people have been created and the whole of Bengal is not doing it with tigers. BJP is so convinced from behind that when our Hindus were killed in Kashmir, Kashmiri Hindus were being killed, they were supporting the government. He became so convinced of VP Singh. They want you to be a Hindu
If the fun continues, then take care of it, the police there is with you, the full responsibility of law and order is yours, you are saying that you are saying that from behind.
This photoshop is going on, showing that there are 60,000 booths in some areas, Madam, such a conference in 65 booths.
talking against. You look carefully Manav Jaiswal, you yourself will feel that what is happening in Bengal? Ok aap aap aap because you are questioning BJP, ok I answer.
There is a direct question on you that you people are getting everything done, no, we are doing everything, then what are they doing to move away?
What are you doing? Look at DMC Haddock standing on the side, it is such that you can see. In 2003, approximately 7576 people were killed in West Bengal. Politically, when elections are held in this, their murders have taken place during elections. 36 people died in 2003, 2008, 21 in 2013. About 30 people are killed in 2018. 31 people have died so far in 2023 and
If I talk about these elections, then 16 people have been killed, isn't it? I will also show you similar data. Then after that we will talk about it because these data which come out in front, when they really startle that elections in Bengal only mean violence, how is the bloody yearning fixed? You will understand that see here in the year 2021 political murder 80 in the country. It is with Bengal that means Bengal gets its share. With this, in 2020, Bengal's share of three to six percent in 54 across the country
And 19 in 61 across the country, out of which 12 from here in Bengal 20 percent, then 54 in 2018, 12 across the country only in Bengal 22 percent share, Bengal has 64 in 2014. Here 10 in the country, 16 percent in Bengal and after 2013, 104 across the country, out of which 29 only and only Bengal and 28 percent of Bengal's share. From 1977 to 2009, there have been 55,000 political murders in Bengal. Look at this last, it is continuously increasing in Bengal and every time an attempt is made to find out the reason for this.
And the question is the same that whenever there is an election in Bengal, why does the violence become so much?
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Baby, please put you ahead.


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