Amit Shah has sought a report regarding the violence in the panchayat elections in Bengal.


Hey, let me tell you the big news now. Amit Shah has sought a report regarding the violence in the panchayat elections in Bengal. Home Minister Shah after talking to Bengal BJP President Sukant Majumdar asked for a proper report on this. Shah has also taken information about the workers, in which way bloody politics is being seen there. You can see in what way you central government is also active on this? Sukant, who is the president of Bengal BJP, has also been asked for information about this.
Some Shah has gathered complete information about the workers. Information is being received from the Home Minister about calling for a report on the violence in Bengal. Amit Shah has also talked to the President of Bengal BJP.
So in West Bengal, in what way are you seeing reports of violence during the civic elections?
Amit Shah is now looking tough on the violence in Bengal elections. The report has been called for by the Ministry of Home Affairs.
The question is that in the manner in which violence is taking place in West Bengal during the elections? After all who is responsible for this?
Information about booth capturing is being received. The pictures you are seeing are surely very shocking, the picture is.
Manothia Loiwal, our colleague has joined us on this news. Mano did on the phone line and some information is being received. What other update do you have?
Well, while the whole country has seen slowness on the continuous violence till date, the country's Home Minister Amit Shah also called Mazumdar, who is the State President of West Bengal, at the shop, talked to him, talked to him. Searched about the workers and after that also came to know about the kind of incidents of violence that have taken place. By making a report on it as the president of the party.
Now it should be handed over to Home Minister Amit Shah. Now the second thing is that the way infra incidents have happened in the politics of West Bengal. He has raised question marks from elsewhere. On the role of the State Election Commission, on the role of the administration and on the voters who were upset because of the continuous violence that followed.
Thanks. For this information, Manoj ji, the whole blood-stained political character of your earlier loot and murder Panghal is under question and Amit Shah has also called for a report on this?
Look at the pictures, you are continuously seeing the manner in which they came in front of you.
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