All of you are welcome in this class of transformation of Friendship.


All of you are welcome in this class of transformation of Friendship.
We meet people in the society by taking falsehood.
You are a false wife, brother and sister.  
What does it mean when we say liar? It means that which is within you.
Whatever emotion you carry, whatever thought you carry.
You hide it from people somewhere.
Means to hide such shortcomings.
And exaggerating the good things.

Even if you haven't done anything, still tell that.
So this is a false mask.
The time has come to take him out.
Because when are you moving forward in this journey of transformation?
With this journey of transformation.
You are that one highest within yourself.

Either you are going to experience or you are going to become a human being in true sense.
You have to give up the mask, otherwise you.
Will keep wandering somewhere.
Where stability will not come and peace will not be experienced. As people are running, so will you keep running.
So what do we have to do now?
How do we get rid of the false face, the mask?
There is a formula above this.
The first thing that we all will learn together today is that sometimes it becomes a habit for us to keep on crying.
Keep on crying means keep on crying about your sorrow again and again while meeting anyone, this happened to me, that happened to me, am I alone or am I alone? Nobody loves me, nobody is with me. Most of all we try to talk, no one talks to me. People don't like me or try to do anything nice. If it doesn't happen well, then we will understand this feeling by taking it again and again.
Now there is a reason behind this also that we should attract people towards us while crying over this sorrow. This feeling is also attention-seeking, which is called that you look at me, some atrocities have happened on me. Let's talk with this feeling too. We tell you that if there is really some problem in your life, then you can go and tell your husband, wife or your father or mother, or brother, sister or your close friend, but tell everyone.
This is not correct. This means that somewhere you are trying to attract attention towards yourself.
If you do not like someone else talking to you in this way, then you also do not talk to everyone like this, then you have to leave it immediately.
I am who I am and if I have a problem, I will tell it to the right person.
Or all you keep in mind today. The second thing comes here that when you are associated with this journey of transformation, then you are going to become a common person in this journey. If you are not going to become a great person, then leave that thought that you are going to become great, you are going to become a great saint, there is nothing like that or there is nothing like that to become a guru. You will be an ordinary person.
So don't try to be great that now that I have become a spiritual person then I will not get angry, it is wrong.
I just have to keep on forgiving everyone, keep on forgiving, this is also wrong.
I have to have compassion for everyone, this is also wrong.
If I want to be a donor then this is also wrong.
Spirituality is being the way you are. Those who have really gone to good gurus to win before this. He never tried to make himself great.
So you are also there, the third thing that comes here is that you cannot be like anyone else. You have to live as you are, you cannot be a copy of someone else, you copy means copy.
You become a copy no matter how much good you try to do, you cannot be like them.
It is original, the one who is original remains the same, so you are also original, you are real. You have also been given something, you have to do justice to it.
So we don't have to be someone's copy. Spiritual Thor is not to become a big man by wearing clothes.
I have now become a spiritual person by applying tika and wearing a garland. It doesn't happen, the spiritual state is from within, not from outside, it is just a show off from outside.
Those who pretend to be are not truly spiritual persons. Those who are, remain very simple.
And very simply they wear whatever they feel like.
If there is no show off, then you too remain as you are. Don't be a copy of anyone else.
So today's formula on this you have to listen and understand.
The sutra says roye mahan prati means roye means one who cries, who cries who tries to be great? The one who tries to be a copy keeps on crying.
Don't want to be great, don't want to be someone's copy. Means don't be a copy and don't cry three things.
And the second part of the formula is the solution. The solution is that if you have to give up your false mask, then you have to grasp the truth. You have to catch hold of your true identity and what needs to be done to catch it? Love feeling friendship
Compassion is the beginning of that change within you when you truly experience it.


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